Design & Technology

“The word DESIGN means different things to different people… Often it’s associated with how things look… Often it’s used as a noun as in ‘That’s a good design!’… but really it’s a verb – it’s not an it, it’s a how, it’s a way of doing things, it’s a way of thinking and above all it’s a way of thinking creatively.”

What is D&T - and why do we need it? Check out this video:

Department Vision

Design and Technology is fundamentally about converting ideas and raw materials into the products and services we all need and use every day of our lives.

The Design & Technology department at Acle Academy are committed to delivering a curriculum accessible to all which provides the broadest possible range of opportunities for students, including Food, Product Design and Textiles. Learning and progress are key in the opportunities to explore and develop ideas, through different real world situations and contexts. We aim to ensure that learners develop technical and practical competences as well as the wider skills valued by employers. Our main priority is for students to design and make products that solve problems and take creative risks. We hope our students will embrace rapidly changing technologies and develop progressively into becoming informed and responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society.

Department Aims

To be a logical, creative and practical subject which allows pupils the opportunity to apply transferable skills and knowledge learnt in maths, science, literacy and computer science

To use tools and equipment in a safe learning environment to create designs, working with a range of materials and technology to solve the world’s problems and think of ideas outside the box

To appreciate the relevance of D&T and application to the world by stimulating pupils’ imagination and passion to turn ideas into reality

To enable students to combine their designing and making skills with knowledge and understanding, in order to design, make, analyse and evaluate products of high quality

To develop key personal attributes through projects that demand independence, resourcefulness, motivation, team-work, patience, co-operation and risk-taking and a culture of “Why not?” and thinking differently

To value the work of all students, using assessment as a means to enhance learning, monitor student progress at every stage, and to form a basis for meeting each pupil’s individual needs

Staffing Arrangements

The Design and Technology Faculty is taught by a team of specialist teachers supported by 3 technicians.

Head of Faculty – Miss N Hassall (

Teacher of Textiles – Mrs V Mackie ( & Mrs J Branson (

Teacher of Food – Mrs D Hunt ( & Ms S White (

D&T Technician – Mrs C Maxted

Art/Textiles Technician – Mrs M Gould

Food Technician – Mrs M Lake


Product design room with 25 computers and CAD/CAM including a laser cutter and 3D printers

A food technology kitchen

A textiles room 

One main workshop with vacuum formers, drills and lathes 

A multi-purpose design room with workbenches, desks and 11 computers


In Years 7, 8 and 9 pupils engage in a Design and Technology rotational course covering a range and variety of different projects in specialist areas including:

Basic electronics

Paper and boards

Natural and manufactured timber

Ferrous and non-ferrous metals

Thermoforming and thermosetting plastics

Fibres and textiles

Food and nutrition

Each rotation is allocated 3 hours across a fortnight, 1 x 1 hour period and 1 x 2 hour period.

Year 7 Outline:

Product Design – Acrylic Ruler (Plastics, CAD/CAM) & Mini-Light Keyring (Plastics, basic electronics)

Textiles – Pencil Case

Food – Couscous, vegetable soup, fruit flapjacks, Pizza toast, chicken/fish goujons, fruity muffins

Year 8 Outline:

Product Design – Flat-pack furniture (Timbers)

Textiles – Plush toys

Food – Savoury rice, mini carrot cakes, pizza wheels, mini frittatas (cheese and veg), chicken pasta bake, oaty apple crumble

Year 9 Outline:

Product Design – Gift in a box (Timbers and Metals)

Textiles – Culture cushion/tote bag

Food – Mushroom risotto, penne fiorentina, spring rolls, quiche, dutch apple cake, sweet and sour chicken


In KS4 we currently offer the following options:

Design and Technology (Timber focus) - 

Design and Technology (Textile focus) - 

Hospitality and Catering - 


We are currently running lunch time clubs for the F1 in schools challenge where we are competing in the Entry Class. For information please follow this link:

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Contact details are: T 01493 750431 -  E

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