As a core subject, we want to inspire all students to learn more about ICT and Multimedia. Above all, ICT is a creative subject. There is something for everyone! We learn about Graphics, Video Editing, Stop Frame Animation, Website Design, Programming, Database Design, Spreadsheets, Multimedia Presentation, Desk Top Publishing, Podcast Design, E-Safety and much more! By the time they leave school, students will have a good foundation of skills that will allow them to make informed choices about the areas they would like to specialise in. As well as practical skills, students will have developed important skills for the work place such as planning and organisation of work, problem solving and presentation, identifying users’ needs, producing solutions and evaluating what has been developed.


Students in Key Stage 3 follow a dynamic and engaging ICT course. The programme of study has been designed to excite and educate students about the practical uses of ICT. Our schemes of work have been developed in-house and provide differentiated learning opportunities for all students. Year 7, 8 and 9 pupils work through a series of units which aim to build and develop upon their existing ICT capabilities.

Year 7 Unit overview:

• Baseline assessment

• E-Safety – Survey development & results analysis.

• Gameplan IT (coding)

Year 8 Unit overview:

• Greener holidays (using video editing software)

• Logos – Vector & bitmap image development.

• Information Superhighway (Assessing internet sources for reliability and bias)

• Computing 

Year 9 Unit overview:


Broads and Marshes (using all software in Microsoft office)

Moving making

KEY STAGE 4: YEARS 10-11 Option ICT:

• Edexcel GCSE ICT. Students study a Controlled Assessment Brief (CAB) which is based on a real-life scenario. The current topic is about running an animal shelter. This CAB

is worth 60% of the final grade. Students then undertake a written exam worth 40% titled “ICT in the modern world”, which is about considering ICT (hardware and software) and it is used on a day to day basis.



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