At Acle Academy, we aim to engage and inspire students to develop a love of music, develop their talents as musicians, increase self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement. Students will perform, compose and listen to a wide variety of music, thus deepening both their understanding and appreciation of the subject.


Year 7 Unit overview:

The main topics covered in Year 7 include:

• Looking at the Elements of Music with associated listening and composition work.

• Looking at instruments and the orchestra, using the BBC ‘Ten Pieces’ resources.

• Graphic notation and vocal production.

• Keyboard playing skills – developing confidence as a performer.

• Composing skills.

Year 8 Unit overview:

The main topics covered in Year 8 include:

• Pentatonic music.

• Musical harmony – triads.

• ‘Journey into Space’ composition project.

• Television theme tunes – music written for a specific purpose.

• Continuation of keyboard playing skills.

• Looking at musical forms and structure.

Year 9 Unit overview:

The main topics covered in Year 9 include:

• Rap music. We look at the origins of Rap, the social context and the importance of lyrics.

Students also compose their own piece which should include some element of social


• Developing guitar playing skills. Students learn basic chords/strumming techniques and go on to develop melodic playing. We also look at the background history of the guitar in its many forms.

• Music from around the world – covering areas such as China, Africa and India.

• Song writing.


Subject Summary:

We follow the Edexcel specification, which encourages students to develop their musical skills and interests, working both individually and in groups. By studying a series of set works (divided into Areas of Study) covering a wide range of musical periods and styles, students develop both their understanding and appreciation of music. There is a Listening Exam at the end of the course.

Composing Unit Content:

Students have to submit two compositions. These compositions may be written for solo instruments or an ensemble. Composition work must last for at least 3 minutes.

Performing Unit Content:

Students perform one piece as a solo and another as part of an ensemble (at least two performers or more). Any style of music can be performed. Performances must last for at least 4 minutes.

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